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Equine Therapy Used as Recreational Therapy for Seniors

recreational activities for seniors

Recreational therapy for seniors has many benefits, and there are so many ways to include the patient’s unique interests. The job of the recreational therapist is to assist the patient with activities that will bring them vibrancy and improved health, and equine therapy has been shown to offer many benefits for seniors beyond recreation. Recreational…

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Motivational Therapy is More Effective Than Traditional Occupational or Physical Therapy

Enhanced therapy motivated patients in physical therapy

What if physical and occupational therapists tailored their regimens to the patient’s abilities and desires, instead of using a standard model? Researchers tested out a new approach to occupational and physical therapy for the elderly that makes use of motivational therapy, which takes this exact question into account. The results were definitive in their answer:…

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Wearable Products to Help Medical Conditions and Shorten Short Term Rehabilitation Time

wearable products for short term rehabilitation

The Florida International Medical Expo is the largest medical innovation convention in America, with exhibitors from 40 countries showing their latest medical innovations in over 1,200 exhibit booths. These innovations cover every type of ground and help people with disease or overcoming illness shorten their recovery time and their short term rehabilitation. Innovation everywhere Many…

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New Hospice Care Education Legislation Proposed in the Senate

New Hospice Care bill in the senate

A bill was recently introduced in the Senate that seeks to supply resources and training in Hospice and palliative care, which is becoming an urgent need. This bill has already been introduced in Congress and enjoys a bipartisan sponsorship.  Hospice care – a continually growing industry A 2018 study found that there are currently 13…

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Providing Palliative Care Along With Cardiac Treatment

Providing Palliative Care Along With Cardiac Treatment

Palliative care is becoming a more accepted and practiced part of a patient’s treatment across the US. The benefits are proven, and more hospitals are incorporating it into their treatment plans. However, there are still many bridges to cross and obstacles to overcome before it’s considered standard. One area that needs improvement is cardiac care.…

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Dialysis Patients Have Decreased Activities for Daily Living

Dialysis and activities for daily living

A new study shows that patients undergoing dialysis have decreased functioning as measured by their ability to perform activities for daily living (ADLs). CKD and dialysis Patients who have CKD, or chronic kidney disease, are on a continuum of stages. In the first stage, kidney dysfunction is so low as not to be recognized. In…

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Are Medical Residents Getting Enough Medicare Education?

Medicare Education for residents

In a recent study, researchers set out to determine whether medical residents in family medicine are getting proper Medicare education and learning enough about the population to treat Medicare patients. Changing geriatric population The 2017 census indicates that by the year 2030, the number of people age 65 and older will be higher than the…

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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Helps Along Traditional Orthopedic Rehab

New Therapy to help orthopedic care

Patients who undergo an ACL replacement have been known to suffer bone and muscle loss. A new type of therapy called blood flow restriction therapy may help to curb the loss when combined with standard orthopedic rehab. ACL replacement and orthopedic rehab The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is a main ligament in the knee.…

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Infectious Disease Specialists Discuss Measles Resurgence Factors

Bringing infectious disease into the US

Infectious disease specialists commenting in The Lancet Infectious Diseases say that there are two factors that have contributed to the new measles outbreak in the US. The first is travelers from countries where there are currently measles outbreaks. The other is the strength of the anti-vaccination faction, which has caught on wildly and discouraged people…

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