What’s Going on in Post Acute Care Today?

By Judah | September 3, 2019 | 0 Comments
Post acute care today

Colliers International, the real estate firm, recently concluded an in depth study on post acute care centers. Their focus was IRFs, or inpatient rehabilitation facilities. Their findings show a lot about the post acute care industry in the US, how it’s growing and what the trends are. Post acute care centers growing Hospitals are under…

Pulmonary Rehab or Prehab? Exercise for Lung Cancer Patients

By Judah | August 23, 2019 | 0 Comments
pulmonary rehab and prehab

Pulmonary rehab is gaining popularity as it’s been proven to help patients with COPD and other pulmonary diseases live longer, higher quality lives. There’s a new initiative to help patients who have lung cancer and other pulmonary diseases, and it’s being called “prehab” – taking care of problems before and during treatment, instead of waiting…

Eighteen Best Tips for Tracheostomy Care

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tracheostomy care

For someone with no experience, imagining how to provide proper tracheostomy care can seem quite daunting. A tracheostomy certainly looks a bit intimidating, and in truth, it is – taking care of a tracheostomy requires knowledge and practice. Otherwise, the tracheostomy is very prone to infection.  Here are the top twenty tips for the best…

Equine Therapy Used as Recreational Therapy for Seniors

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recreational activities for seniors

Recreational therapy for seniors has many benefits, and there are so many ways to include the patient’s unique interests. The job of the recreational therapist is to assist the patient with activities that will bring them vibrancy and improved health, and equine therapy has been shown to offer many benefits for seniors beyond recreation. Recreational…

Outpatient Stroke Rehab – Continuing Progress for the Patient

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outpatient stroke rehab

A stroke can cause devastating damage, and the quicker he is stabilized and starts rehab, the higher the likelihood that he’ll do better. After the initial, intense rehabilitation efforts, the patient continues at a much slower pace. But even after he comes home from a rehab facility, such as Hudson View Rehab, he continues outpatient…

How does Medicaid Work in New Jersey?

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Medicaid in New Jersey

Medicaid is a service operated by CMS, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a federal government organization. While it’s a national agency, the way it works is that it provides guidelines and reimbursements for states, so the two governments work together to provide health care affordably for millions of Americans who wouldn’t be able…

What’s the Difference Between Acute Rehab and Subacute Rehab?

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subacute care

“”Rehabilitation,” or rehab,  is much more than a simple catch-all word for a recovery program; there are many different types of rehabilitation geared toward patients at all levels of recovery. So what’s the difference between acute rehab and subacute rehab? What’s acute rehab? Acute rehab is intense rehab for patients who have experienced a major…

Motivational Therapy is More Effective Than Traditional Occupational or Physical Therapy

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Enhanced therapy motivated patients in physical therapy

What if physical and occupational therapists tailored their regimens to the patient’s abilities and desires, instead of using a standard model? Researchers tested out a new approach to occupational and physical therapy for the elderly that makes use of motivational therapy, which takes this exact question into account. The results were definitive in their answer:…

Wearable Products to Help Medical Conditions and Shorten Short Term Rehabilitation Time

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wearable products for short term rehabilitation

The Florida International Medical Expo is the largest medical innovation convention in America, with exhibitors from 40 countries showing their latest medical innovations in over 1,200 exhibit booths. These innovations cover every type of ground and help people with disease or overcoming illness shorten their recovery time and their short term rehabilitation. Innovation everywhere Many…

Stem Cell therapy as a Part of a Stroke Recovery Program

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Stem cells for stroke recovery

Stem cells have become an important part of many rehabilitation programs, as they can repair damage to cells in multiple areas of the body. Scientists are investigating their use in stroke recovery as well. Stroke can be deadly Stroke is the second-leading cause of death in the United States. In addition to the fatalities, about…