Five Mistakes People Make After a Total Knee Replacement

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Total Knee Replacement

Once someone gets his shiny, new total knee replacement, he may feel on top of the world and forget that he can’t just bounce straight into his regularly scheduled life. It takes time to recover, and a strict rehabilitation protocol. The recovery timeline is different for every person, and could take several months or more.…

New Hospice Care Education Legislation Proposed in the Senate

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New Hospice Care bill in the senate

A bill was recently introduced in the Senate that seeks to supply resources and training in Hospice and palliative care, which is becoming an urgent need. This bill has already been introduced in Congress and enjoys a bipartisan sponsorship.  Hospice care – a continually growing industry A 2018 study found that there are currently 13…

Providing Palliative Care Along With Cardiac Treatment

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Providing Palliative Care Along With Cardiac Treatment

Palliative care is becoming a more accepted and practiced part of a patient’s treatment across the US. The benefits are proven, and more hospitals are incorporating it into their treatment plans. However, there are still many bridges to cross and obstacles to overcome before it’s considered standard. One area that needs improvement is cardiac care.…

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Comfort Care to Give Dignity to Patients

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Comfort care restores dignity

Patients dealing with a serious or long term illness often deal with a whirlwind of emotions. In addition to coming to terms with being ill, they often feel robbed of their dignity. Providing comfort care above the medical care that they require can give them back the dignity they feel they’ve lost. Comfort  care’s role…

Innovative Recreation Activities for Seniors

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Innovative Recreation Activities for Seniors

Seniors often have lots of creative energy and time, especially if they’re retired. While there are some recreation activities for seniors that are tried-and-true, such as painting, gardening, and photography, there are some new and fresh ideas to keep seniors active and engaged. Gymnastics This isn’t the first thing one would imagine as suitable for…

July 4th View!

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Five Reasons Hospice Care Can Help You Now

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Five Reasons Hospice Care Can Help You Now

Hospice care has become an important part of a terminal patient’s care. As more people, doctors and hospitals become acquainted with the process, patients have been able to take advantage of all of the benefits of this care at the end of their lives. What is hospice care? Hospice care is the pursuit of the…

Dialysis Patients Have Decreased Activities for Daily Living

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Dialysis and activities for daily living

A new study shows that patients undergoing dialysis have decreased functioning as measured by their ability to perform activities for daily living (ADLs). CKD and dialysis Patients who have CKD, or chronic kidney disease, are on a continuum of stages. In the first stage, kidney dysfunction is so low as not to be recognized. In…

Preparing Ourselves for Long Term Care

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Long term care

According to the US government, about 7 in ten people who are 65 today will need some form of long term care in the future, whether in a facility or at home. The emotional and financial costs might be steep, and it’s beneficial to consider the implications of what it means and entails before it…