Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Helps Along Traditional Orthopedic Rehab

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New Therapy to help orthopedic care

Patients who undergo an ACL replacement have been known to suffer bone and muscle loss. A new type of therapy called blood flow restriction therapy may help to curb the loss when combined with standard orthopedic rehab. ACL replacement and orthopedic rehab The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is a main ligament in the knee.…

Happy National Nursing Assistants Week!

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Speech Therapy for Apraxia of Speech

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Speech therapy helps apraxia

Speech therapy is often thought of as a way for young children to better develop their speech – whether learning how to say the letter “r” properly, or getting rid of a lisp. While it does both of these, speech therapy has many more purposes and works with many populations. One of the problems a…

Infectious Disease Specialists Discuss Measles Resurgence Factors

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Bringing infectious disease into the US

Infectious disease specialists commenting in The Lancet Infectious Diseases say that there are two factors that have contributed to the new measles outbreak in the US. The first is travelers from countries where there are currently measles outbreaks. The other is the strength of the anti-vaccination faction, which has caught on wildly and discouraged people…

Government Buying of Medications for Medicare

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Government to buy Medicare medications

President Trump announced recently a new proposal that would allow the government o buy medications for Medicare participants, bringing the prices down and saving billions of dollars in taxpayer money and for Medicare participants. Trump Reforming Medicare Previously, government intervention in pharmaceuticals has been avoided, even during Medicare reform. President Trump used a provision from…

Our June Calendar is Here!

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Physical Therapists for Rural Areas

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Physical therapy

A recent problem for small, rural areas throughout the United States is a lack of physical therapists to serve them. Physical therapy can often be a powerful alternative to opioids and other drugs that serve as pain management, but without these services, people with chronic pain may turn to drug use to alleviate their pain,…

Will Marijuana be allowed for Pain Management in the NFL?

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Pain Management in the NFL

The NFL recently signed an agreement with the NFL Players Association to make further investigations into the use of marijuana for pain management. Marijuana for pain management Marijuana used for pain management has been an increasing trend in recent years. Over the past few years, many states have legalized marijuana. At this writing, there are…

How Long Does a Hip Replacement Last?

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hip replacement

Hip replacement has become a fairly standard surgery in the US today. It has benefited millions of people who would otherwise be confined to pain or immobility go on to complete recovery and regular movement. In many cases, however, the hip doesn’t last forever and may need to be replaced in a second surgery. When…

Multidisciplinary Teams for Wound Care Rehab

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wound care rehab

Chronic wounds are on the rise in hospitals. Experts say that with the appropriate interdisciplinary action, wounds can be detected and treated with wound care rehab at an early stage so that patients can heal and go home quickly instead of festering unnoticed or incorrectly managed, turning into a story of suffering. Why it’s necessary…