Are Medical Residents Getting Enough Medicare Education?

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Medicare Education for residents

In a recent study, researchers set out to determine whether medical residents in family medicine are getting proper Medicare education and learning enough about the population to treat Medicare patients. Changing geriatric population The 2017 census indicates that by the year 2030, the number of people age 65 and older will be higher than the…

Rising Diabetic Amputations Bring up Questions About Vascular Care

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Poor vascular care for diabetes patients can cause amputation

There is a scourge of obesity in the US right now, and it’s spreading all over the world. A typical outgrowth of this trend is a rise in diabetes, which can slowly destroy a person’s body, often proving fatal. Unfortunately, one of the severe results of type II diabetes that does get the right treatment…

Four Psychiatric Principles from the AMA that Can Help in Palliative Care

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Four skills for palliative care

An article in the American Medical Association (AMA) Journal of Ethics talks about principles from the field of psychiatry that can be applied to the field of palliative care. Both fields have much in common, specifically relying very much on developing communication skills. Commonalities between Psychiatry and palliative care The article in the AMA journal…

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Helps Along Traditional Orthopedic Rehab

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New Therapy to help orthopedic care

Patients who undergo an ACL replacement have been known to suffer bone and muscle loss. A new type of therapy called blood flow restriction therapy may help to curb the loss when combined with standard orthopedic rehab. ACL replacement and orthopedic rehab The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is a main ligament in the knee.…

Happy National Nursing Assistants Week!

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Speech Therapy for Apraxia of Speech

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Speech therapy helps apraxia

Speech therapy is often thought of as a way for young children to better develop their speech – whether learning how to say the letter “r” properly, or getting rid of a lisp. While it does both of these, speech therapy has many more purposes and works with many populations. One of the problems a…

Infectious Disease Specialists Discuss Measles Resurgence Factors

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Bringing infectious disease into the US

Infectious disease specialists commenting in The Lancet Infectious Diseases say that there are two factors that have contributed to the new measles outbreak in the US. The first is travelers from countries where there are currently measles outbreaks. The other is the strength of the anti-vaccination faction, which has caught on wildly and discouraged people…

Government Buying of Medications for Medicare

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Government to buy Medicare medications

President Trump announced recently a new proposal that would allow the government o buy medications for Medicare participants, bringing the prices down and saving billions of dollars in taxpayer money and for Medicare participants. Trump Reforming Medicare Previously, government intervention in pharmaceuticals has been avoided, even during Medicare reform. President Trump used a provision from…

Our June Calendar is Here!

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Physical Therapists for Rural Areas

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Physical therapy

A recent problem for small, rural areas throughout the United States is a lack of physical therapists to serve them. Physical therapy can often be a powerful alternative to opioids and other drugs that serve as pain management, but without these services, people with chronic pain may turn to drug use to alleviate their pain,…